Special Projects

Whatever the challenges, there’s always a way. We provide an A to Z service that goes beyond air cargo.

A unique

Whatever the special product is, Cargo Airlines is your privileged contact:

  • AVI
  • Heavy Cargo
  • Outsize Cargo
  • Relief Goods
  • AOG Aircraft Parts
  • Time Critical Shipments
  • Temperature Control Shipments
  • Dangerous Goods

Part Charters &
Full Charters available on request

Any type of Aircraft available as from
ERJ45 to the Big ANTONOV 225.

Our mission :

Find the best aircraft that would need your cargo in a minimum time range.
We are experienced in transporting heavy pieces and oversized cargo and are able to organize your transportation project, from the factory to the End delivery.

Brokerage :

Thanks to our relations with airlines, we are able to book the space needed with any carrier at very competitive prices.
Understanding airlines policies and constraints put us in the perfect position to negotiate any delivery by air.
Mastering the market, help us to find the best solution & pricing to meet your needs.

Challenge us !

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